5 email strategies to increase website traffic

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The traffic on your website is as good as all the optimization efforts and strategies you put forth. In the long run, any platform you use to reach out to your target audience should congregate on your website. You can choose to bank on organic traffic on search engines, but it is not enough to warrant your brand the kind of visibility you want. Therefore, find ways to make all your strategies work for you, including email marketing. Find out below, a couple of email strategies you can use to increase your website traffic:

Work on getting a healthy subscriber list

In any email marketing strategy, the subscriber list is the most important. At this, some business owners result to buying a list, which is wrong. Instead, take your time to build your list from one subscriber to another. Gather up several email addresses and share as much persuasive information as possible. Encourage your current subscribers to bring in more people by recommending them to your business.

Further, although the subscribers may soon find their way to your website, be intentional with them. The messages you share with them need to have clear call-to-action that will divert the traffic to your website. The call-to-action could be, ‘learn more’, ‘view more’, and ‘visit our site’, among others. The more specific you are, the better the results.

Organize email addresses based on interests

The success of any of your email marketing efforts will largely depend on the quality of the contacts you have. It is therefore important to make sure you are working with people who are interested in what you have to offer. If you personalize your campaign messages for this kind of an audience, then your website traffic will automatically increase.

Make your subscriber list permission-based. This way, all the people reading your content are interested in the product and in your brand. This makes the conversion of leads much easier than working with a random target market. While at it, the subscription forms on your website should allow the user to check the boxes they are interested in, which means you have the permission to send them that nature of material.

Create specific landing pages for the email marketing campaigns

The traffic flowing from your email should not get lost, confused or stranded once they visit your website. Since a landing page is one to set the first impression, make them worth people’s time. Technically, your email marketing campaign embraces a certain form, design and particular content. Use those features to come up with a unique landing page that reflects the email marketing campaign. This fluidity will help with following up with a visitor throughout the customer journey.

Monitor your email and website

The metrics that you use to measure the performance of your email marketing strategies should be a great concern for you. In the same way you would use a rank checker to monitor the rank position of your website, make an effort to follow through with your email. If you are not keen to audit your email in alignment to your website metrics, then you may not be aware of any performance changes.

Ideally, the click-through rate for your email should be at par with your expectation within a certain period. If the results are not so, then you need to check on the areas of your strategies that are failing. Observe the metrics on angles like, click-through rates, average session time for visitors, new visitors and subscribers, number of pages visited, bounce rates, among others.

Use social media to increase your reach

Social media is obviously such a powerful tool for businesses today. You can schedule your posts to different social media platforms that are similar to the information you are sharing on email. This syncing allows you to drive more traffic from the different social platforms. Consider adding social links on your email marketing campaigns to better connect the diverse audiences.

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