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the 2020 mass emailadvanced Buying guide

What are the Advanced Features your Mass Email Service should have for you towin at Email Marketing in 2020?

The Segmentation & Personalization Duality

Deep integration with website or in-app activity

Recency-Frequency-Monetary based dynamic segmentation

Al and ML powered predictive personalization, automated workflows and testing at scale


Deliverability rate and timing powered by Al and ML

Automated list hygiene and user sunsetting policies

Send time optimization

Integrated domain and IP reputation tools (BIMI, DMARC etc)


Al powered subject line optimization for running campaigns across multiple segments

Easy to use, built-in tools for mobile optimization

Ability to create interactive emails using AMP


Documented time to inbox

Actual real time email performance data

Attribution data against business goals like revenue and profits

60-90 days access to email transaction logs


Migration API for easy portability

Zapier and other third party integrations

SDKs and multilingual libraries

Email validation APIs

Extensive developer documentation

Reliable and scalable native APIs


Compliance with consumer privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA

Certified and compliant data centers

Endpoint and in transit email encryption

Granular access control for large teams

2 Factor Authentication

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