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5 Technical things to keep in mind when you start Email Marketing

There’s so much said about social media marketing. Yet, if you think about it, Facebook was said to have around 2.32 billion monthly active users in 2018, while Instagram that same year had around 1 billion. Compare this to the 2018 estimation of 5.6 billion active email accounts expected to exist by this year. There’s no doubt that email marketing is one of the oldest and most effective marketing channels out there. In this article you’ll find out:

  1. The advantages of Email Marketing
  2. How to do Email Marketing: 5 technical things to keep in mind
  • Verify the reputation of your domain
  • Set up SPF and DKIM
  • Check for spam words
  • Segment your contact base
  • Perform A/B tests

Email Marketing Advantages

Some people tend to dismiss email marketing because it’s been around for a while and has been beaten to death by many companies. Yet, email continues to have certain distinct advantages as a marketing channel that make it a key ingredient in any marketing mix. Here are the most important ones:

People prefer receiving certain marketing communications via email

If you’re under the impression that email marketing has become irrelevant, think again. A study in 2016 was said to show that 73% of millennials actually prefer receiving communications from businesses via email. It also continues to be the top content marketing channel for B2B companies. In fact, data from 2017 showed that around 93% of B2B marketers are estimated to use email to distribute content.

Email marketing has excellent ROI

In 2015, a study showed that email generated an average ROI of $38 for every $1 spent (up from 2013). This meant an amazing average ROI of 3,800%, making it one of the most viable marketing options out there.

Email is omnipresent on mobile devices

Email is the one app that almost every user has on their phone. In fact, it was reported last year that email opens on mobile devices account for about 46% of all email opens. As the world becomes increasingly mobile, this becomes a huge advantage of email marketing compared to other marketing channels.

How To Do Email Marketing: 5 Things To Keep In Mind

In order to set up and run successful email marketing campaigns, there are some important technical details you need to keep in mind.

Verify The Reputation Of Your Domain

It’s important to protect the reputation and quality of your company domain and IPs. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to use a separate company domain with an email address when you do email marketing. You need to then verify the reputation of this new domain as well as the IP of your SMTP server. There are certain things you will have to check rigorously including whether you’re blacklisted, whether your messages contain broken links, are the emails getting delivered or do they bounce, and so on.

Set Up SPF and DKIM

An SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is a security mechanism which is used to define which IP addresses can be used to send emails from your domain. Once you set up your SPF and define all the verified IPs, an email will only be delivered if it comes from an IP in the SPF list.

Similarly, you also need to set up your DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail). DKIM is a technical standard that protects both email senders and recipients by adding encryption to sign your emails.

Check Out Spam Words

It’s very important to avoid words, punctuation, and expressions that trigger red flags and end up with your email in the spam folder. ALL CAPS, excessive symbols and punctuation marks (like exclamation marks - !!!), and unstructured phrases are all big no-nos. There are certain kinds of words and expressions that should also be avoided. Examples include words and expressions that build a false sense of trust, that are excessively personalized, that create a sense of urgency, and those that suggest a discount.

Segment Your Contact Base

The first step in segmenting your contact base is identifying your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile). Unless you know who your ideal customer is, you can’t start building user personas and identifying who you need to target. ICP is about identifying those customers that would benefit immensely from your offering to the extent of becoming a brand advocate.

Perform A/B Tests

You have assumptions about your audience and the value of your product which you then incorporate into your email copy. You still need to find a way to validate or reject those assumptions. The best way to do this is through split testing. Split testing allows you to test different variations of an email, website, or ad, etc. to arrive at the one that fits best.

Email marketing has been proven to be one of the most effective marketing channels. Yet, email marketing today is replete with excessive emails and vigilant spam filters. So you really need to ace your email strategy to get the results you’re looking for. Check out the infographic below for more details on the things you must do before executing your email marketing strategy.

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