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Why you need one?

We all know how to send emails. It’s like we all know how to send couriers. But, delivering the packet on time and getting a status of each and every stage of delivery is very important.

This is exactly the case with an Email. While sending email is not that a big task. In fact, the protocol to send emails i.e. SMTP is free and open source. Technically if you have a server with a public IP address, then you don’t have to pay a single penny to anyone to send emails.

Then why you really need a Service for stuff which is already free?

There are lots of things in this world which are free, but still for consuming those we are paying X to some or the other company. This is because these companies give something on top of these free products which makes it easy to consume. E.g. Natural water is free, but for purified mineral water you pay.

Similar is the case of Email. Sending emails doesn’t require rocket science, but ensuring on time delivering and that to inbox does.

This is exactly where an Email Delivery Service comes to existence.

Pepipost is one of such Email Delivery Service, which is built by developers and for developers and currently been used by some of the world’s top good senders for sending their business-critical emails.

20,000+ customers
Delivering 7 Billion + emails every month

What we do differently to ensure emails are hitting inbox and not spam?

  1. AI-based Email Delivery Service
    Unlike other email delivery service, Pepipost email delivery engine runs on Artificial Intelligence to understand the customer’s behavior and every minute signals coming from the ESPs. According to Return Path’s Email Deliverability Benchmark Report, 21% of opt-in emails never it to the inbox. That’s a very huge number! We ensure that emails are delivered to users Inbox by diagnosing email issues, security, monitoring spam blacklists and proactively working with large ISPs to resolve issues. Almost everything happens in real time behind the scenes. Learn more
  2. Good Sender Community
    It’s not just the technology which can deliver emails to inbox. Ensuring high inbox needs a high reputation.
    And, reputation can’t be purchased, it needs to be built.
    Since, the inception Pepipost not only believes in this but have actually implemented this in action. Pepipost’s infrastructure is currently one of the highly reputed infrastructures for sending emails.
    It’s not us, it’s you who built this. Surprised?Pepipost is a platform which is been used by top good senders across the globe- Senders who sends email with a very high open rate. In fact, we have experienced customers with 70-80% open rate on our platform too.Now, a pipe which is sending such a great customer engaging emails will for sure be loved by the mailbox providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and so on.This is exactly what happened with Pepipost. We send good emails and incentives the good senders for sending good emails by not charging anything for emails which are opened. A Win-Win situation for everyone.

Complete Transparency of Email Delivery

Don’t just take our word for it. See it for yourself! We offer complete transparency of our system metrics and publicly disclose the speed and uptime of our email delivery infrastructure.

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