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At Pepipost, we power thousands of senders, each of them sending millions of emails every day. These emails are usually of two types - Transactional and Marketing.

Transactional Emails (Signup Confirmations, Order Receipts etc) need speed. Marketing Emails (Newsletters, Informational Emails) are optimized for inbox delivery. Success metrics for each one are different.

We use settings like the number of parallel connections to be opened per sender, the speed with which emails are to be delivered, and the prioritization of certain emails to achieve best possible outcomes. This decision making process is central to our business. As one of the large senders, we’re sitting on mountain of data to optimize our decisions.

We’ve harnessed this data using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to maximize efficiency.

Introducing Pipe - RA : A multi-objective resource allocation system

This is one of the first challenges we solved with Machine Learning. Pipe looks at minute shifts when it comes to email delivery and auto-adjusts delivery throughput's based on these learnings.

For Example: If the domain hits a certain percentage of invalid users within a minute, Pipe picks up the signal, slows down delivery in the next minute and closely looks at the quality of mailing.

Pipe - DO: A Delivery Optimization system

Marketing emails are vital for customer retention. Every marketing campaign you deploy deserves best in class inbox delivery. That is exactly what Pepipost - DO is going to do. It breaks down your marketing campaign into hundreds of sub-campaigns internally, structures and delivers them to maximize inbox delivery. Pipe - DO depends on historical data while Pipe - RA is a real-time engine.

Pipe - WARM-UP: A Dynamic Warm-up system

When you start sending emails from a fresh domain or IP space, you need to build reputation at ISPs like Gmail, Yahoo, Yandex, QQ etc. Usually, you start with few hundred emails on the first day and gradually increase the volumes to build reputation at ISPs. The increase of volume today is based on the performance of yesterday’s emails. This performance depends on multiple factors like Mails Sent, Delivered, Bounce rate, Open rate, click rate, Complaints etc. The Pipe - Warm-up looks at all these parameters and arrives at the number of emails you can send today to build reputation.

Pipe - KILL SPAMMER: A domain quality prediction system

Pepipost gets thousands of signups every day. The email space is a wild one and a significant number of those signups are from spammers. If spammers are let in, they can hurt the good sender community we’re building. So, we’ve built a domain quality prediction system which looks at 30+ attributes around every domain that is added to our system. From there, we identify good senders from bad ones and take action.

What’s in it for you?

One word: PEACE !!

We have better ways than our competitors to stop the bad guys from entering and polluting our network, better ways to guide you through warm-up and even better ways to deliver emails to inbox.

All you have to do is to send emails that your subscribers love and the rest is taken care of.


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