We love our customers, all 20,000+ of them.

We have some wonderful email case studies and success stories to share with you. Our customers are part of our good email sending community. It’s not a social community. Instead, our customers are tied together through our belief in sending email. That’s because we send it the right way and ensure it is delivered to the inbox.

Read more about how we have helped our customers in our good sending environment!


Success Story: ArcaMax

How we work with Arcamax to support their double opt-in process

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Case Study - Taxi Enterprise

Find out how this taxi business achieved success through inbox delivery and real-time data enablement

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Case Study: Losing Sales to Spam

Read about how we helped a US retailer get back on track

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Case Study: Banking on the Inbox

Find out how we helped this bank deliver customer critical messages

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Case Study: Improved Customer Experience

Find out how we improved customer experience through faster email delivery

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