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Improve Customer Experience Through On-time Email Delivery


Our client is a large retail portal, offering small business e-commerce solutions. They provide infrastructure and other technology to small businesses.


Important transactional emails – like forgotten password resets, payment alerts and reminders – were delayed or not delivered. They tried to fix it several times in different ways because it was causing customer complaints, but nothing worked.


First things first – delivery speed. Customers expect critical transactional emails in less than 5 seconds. For this reason, we warmed new IP’s, over a 2-month period. In order to warm the site effectively, we segmented the email content by its type. Each type of email was evaluated and prioritized, based on the email delivery speed that was required. Then, we built the infrastructure based on our findings and our clients priorities.

Use Unique Segmentation to Warm IPs and Deliver Critical Emails

We applied best practices across the board. For example, we helped our client use transactional emails safely for cross-sell and up-sell purposes.


  • We delivered the most critical and prioritized emails in under 4 seconds - that is speedy delivery!
  • 95% of emails are delivered to the inbox in under 5 seconds
  • Our custom infrastructure supports 10 million emails per hour
  • Call center costs have decreased and efficiency has increased across the team

Find out more about how Pepipost can help you with your email delivery speed by taking a look at our Features. And if you are ready to give Pepipost a try, just sign up for a free account!

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