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HelloTravel achieves a 115% increase in click rates

HelloTravel is a marketplace which offers 46047 + travel packages & holiday deals by 7000+ trusted travel agents across the world. 

HelloTravel's users are people who are looking for holiday packages, flight, train or bus tickets, hotel bookings, etc. The brand aimed at sending the most relevant holiday recommendation emails to these prospective users.

These emails would be triggered based on the user searches and needed to be sent immediately to maximize the conversion rate.

The challenge

  • The triggered emails were being delayed due to which the customer engagement was unsatisfactory.
  • HelloTravel needed great inboxing rates for their emails so that relevant and helpful emails would not land up in Spam.

The Solution

HelloTravel started sending their triggered recommendation emails through Pepipost’s email delivery channel and reached their users with an email within 30 minutes. 

They experienced super inboxing rates and a 115% rise in click rates and a 25% increase in open rates. 

They were able to track their metrics in real time and deploy better campaigns every time based on the existing metrics.


  • 25% increase in open rates compareed to the past performance of their emails.
  • 115% rise in click rates in their transactional emails 

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