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When Email "Drives" Your Business, You Need Inbox Delivery

Company Background

This case study elaborates on how we helped an Indian-origin online and app-based transportation network company deliver travel transactional details to their customer’s inbox.

Founded in 2010, the online cab aggregator had expanded to international marketers like Australia, New Zealand.  The company now offers a range of services to cater to economic and luxury travellers including business class travellers. The need for a secure email delivery service that inboxes transactional emails like trip details and billing details, sign up confirmation, support tickets, etc. became a priority (and concern) over time.

The Challenge

The aggregator had a growing user base and had to ensure that every transactional email that informs customers of what they did using the app, including payment information had to be sent to their inbox successfully.

The company was required to send emails in thousands daily, but they realized that many of them were reaching their customer’s spam folder.  

  • It was important to address the issue so customers could get important details like confirmations and receipts on time and in the right place- the inbox!
  • Another pressing factor was the need for quick delivery of these transactional emails. There were many times when customers received the invoice hours after the trip was complete. Emails related to signup confirmation, payment confirmation, etc had to be delivered instantly and on a real-time basis.
  • The customer also pointed out a lag when it came to successful and timely email delivery of time-bound offers and discounts. For instance, if they extended a peak hour travel offer, they needed these kind of promotional emails to land in their user’s inbox within a specific timeframe.

How Pepipost’s Email Delivery Service team helped

Transactional travel details are crucial to every user to document proof of travel, use of service, payment information. For business users, this documentation is even more important for claims and reimbursements.

Here’s what we did to increase incidence of transactional emails landing in the inbox:

  • We ran our proprietary warm up program to improve their domain reputation first because addressing their reputation issues would lead to overall improvement in email deliverability

  • Careful segregation of traffic and allocating right kind of resources for reach.
  • For their transactional emails: Burstable infrastructure to deliver most transactional emails as soon as they are injected.
  • For their promotional emails: To be able to reach the customer’s complete database in 2 hours – this helped in their time-bound offers.


  • Within 2 months, the number of complaints related to missing transactional emails reduced by 90%.
  • There was a considerable improvement in Email delivery speed, with a 5 second latency
  • Customer engagement through transactional emails increased by 11%, and incremental transactions increased by 7% due to real-time data and email delivery enablement.

Added Benefits:

Our team helped save cost and reduce customer grievances. This in turn helped the customer improve their brand reputation in the industry.  

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