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Tokopedia achieves Email Delivery Service of 4 seconds flat.

Tokopedia is Indonesia’s largest marketplace for C2C retail with a merchant base of over 4 million. 

Being an online service, email is the main channel of communication especially for important transactional emails such as order confirmation and updates, payment notifications, reminders and OTPs.

The Problem 

Tokopedia faced a major issue with a delay in transactional emails and this was a major glitch in their otherwise very smooth customer journey. This led to major customer dissatisfaction and a steep increase in complaints regarding delay in receiving emails. 

Our Solution

We understood their problem by going through their customer journey and put them on a 2 month long POC to understand their unique challenges. We conducted intensive warm up to build Tokopedia's positive reputation for better inboxing on IPs like Gmail and Yahoo. We then helped them classify their transactional emails based on time and priority. We also advised them on best practices and hacks to ensure an amazing open and click rate on their emails. 


  • Over 95% of all emails from Tokopedia are delivered in just 4 sec or under
  • Tokopedia's e-mail delivery thoroughput stands at 10 million e-mail deliveries per hour from our customised infrastructure.
  • The high efficiency and reliability of customer communication led to increased transactions.

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