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When Spam Means a Loss in Sales, You Need a Superhero!

Company Background and Challenge

A fashion retailer in LA was targeting young moms in small cities and towns across the United States. Their core offering was to deliver high quality and affordable fashion wear to them.

  • One of the methods used by the company to share updates or offer details was email.
  • The retailer seemed to be following all the standard email best practices, but still their emails were landing in spam.
  • Eventually, the company noticed a drop in website traffic too and found out that their spam rate was 40%. That means 40% of their emails were not being seen by their audience!
  • They estimated that they lost over $100,000 in holiday sales back in 2017 because of spam issues!

How Pepipost’s Email Delivery Service team helped

  • Pepipost understood their customer journey and found that the problem was with data segmentation. Overlapping segments and few other conditions where sending too many emails to specific users. Our first step was to fix the data segments.
  • Then Pepipost email delivery team began by using their proprietary warmup
  • Pepipost’s AI Powered email delivery got more and more perfect as the history around this client built in. Send time optimization took off in 6 weeks of time to give best performances.
  • The remaining list of customers were then slowly included with constant monitoring of every campaign.
  • The team worked closely with the company to refine best practices along with creation of a list of prioritized activities.


  • Increase in email engagement rate by 47%.
  • Through the consolidated efforts of the email delivery experts and the retail company’s in-house team, emails started being sent to their customer’s inbox with better email delivery rates on Gmail (95%) and Yahoo (91%).
  • This helped improved overall engagement, website traffic and brand reputation too.

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