Download our whitepaper on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how email marketers are leveraging it to send more intelligent email.

Pepipost uses AI and Machine Learning (ML) when we warm IP’s, by automatically sensing and adjusting sending based on very tiny, minute signals that the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) sent out during sending. Find out what’s coming in the very near future and what we can expect as we combine AI and ML with some very smart people!

Whitepaper Summary

This whitepaper on artificial intelligence in email marketing was written by our experts Chaitanya Chinta, Head of Deliverability at Pepipost, and Jeannette Kocsis, SVP of Marketing and Business Development US.

It is an exploration on how artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing email delivery, and a look at the future state of how it will continue to evolve the email channel.

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