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Last Updated On September 12, 2019

Pepipost is excited to continue building out its collection of technical articles related to email sending and how to deal with various issues security and spam issues around email. To ensure that Pepipost articles have consistent quality and style, please follow this writing guideline and below sample template.

To get published quickly, Pepipost community authors should read the style and structure sections in their entirety. Our templates are useful as a starting point for an article, and the formatting section of this guide along with our Markdown previewer can be used as references while writing.


  1. Minimum: 1,500 words article.
  2. Include clear steps, screenshots, exceptions, dependencies if any which you resolved. In case you got some errors, then the error both in the form of screenshot and text will be required.
  3. Here is a sample template for getting started: Pepipost Tutorial Template
  4. You need to submit the article in markdown language only. Use the above template to generate it.


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